How to allow real-time collaboration with Nearpod

Nearpod give teachers the ability to create and use interactive presentations in the classroom. They can include images, videos, documents and other materials and combine them with different kinds of activities: questions, polls, quizzes, etc. Once prepared, the teacher gives a code to the students so they can follow everything and participate in the activities using their own devices.

One of the newest features is called Collaborate. It is aimed to let all the group brainstorm in real time through the use of text and images. It’s powerful and can be helpful to support discussion activities in the classroom. Let’s see how it works (it’s really easy!):

First of all, you have to choose the type of activity:

Then you simply create the board: title, description, image and style:

It’s all set and students can start adding their comments on the subject:

Everyone can see how the board updates in real time, but only the teacher can delete messages when they are inappropriate:

Easy, right? Nearpod can be used free of charge but has also premium features.