How to Improve Your Writing (or other) Skills

I write since I was very young, and I love it. I have published some books and articles and I am a blogger since 2003. I am not the world’s best writer, but I think I am not bad at it (particularly when it comes to Catalan or Spanish, my native languages).

Keep trying

Over time, many people have asked me how could they improve their writing skills. My answer has always been the same:

  • Read a lot, because you will learn vocabulary and structures.
  • Write a lot, because doing so you will put into practice the vocabulary and structures learned while reading.

It does not matter if you are terrible at first. Practice makes mastery, there is no other secret to it.

There is always room for improvement. Take this text, for example. It is written in English and it surely includes some (maybe a lot of) mistakes. But, anyway, I am writing it and it is going to be published (if you are reading it, then it is already done) because it is the way I will keep improving my skills. Next time, I hope, will be better than this one.

The same goes for any other skill. I remember when I started running, four years ago. I ran one hundred meters and almost died: how hard was that! But I kept trying, little by little, and four years later I am preparing my first marathon. At the begining, I would have never imagined that one day I would reach this point.

What is your skill you are most proud of?
How many mistakes can you point out in my text? Please, be merciful to me 😉

Picture: Moving strings (Tambako The Jaguar)