Innovation Award to the AteneuLab

I just learned that one of the making projects I helped start has been awarded an Innovation Award. The project is Socis grans, grans històries (grown-up members, big stories), which is being developed by the Ateneu Barcelonès. I told you about the project and my role in it on Training, Digitization, Storytelling… a maker project at the Ateneu Barcelonès.

The award is awarded by the Catalan Federation of Ateneus. You can read more about it on the Ateneu Barcelonès website.

The news made me happy. I am proud of being a part of the project, and even more of the great professionals (who are working hard to achieve all the goals) and the Ateneu members (who are the recipients of the work but also who make it possible). Congratulations to all of them!!