Three tips on ICT

Diana Rodríguez publishes a series in her blog called Tres tips en TIC (three tips on Information and Communications Technology), where she asks different people to share their insights about the topic. She asked me last week, I answered, and now my answer is published on ¡Javier Leiva Aguilera y sus Tres Tips en TIC!.

Here is the English version of my tips:

  1. Try to take the most out of the search engines to find the best and more relevant information to you. Operators, filters… their use is not very common, but they can make the difference between an average search and a really useful one. Learn how they work… and use them!
  2. When you need to know how a new digital tool works, don’t be afraid. Just use it, try everything out and see what happens. Even if you make mistakes, you are not going to break it. In fact, you will learn how to use it in less time than you imagine. Besides, the more tools you master, the easier it becomes to use the next ones effectively.
  3. Use open licenses, both as an author and as a user. Sharing your own work is good because it helps others, but also because spreads it and can take you new opportunities. Using others open published work gives you more material to learn, work, elaborate, and finally publish and share new content of your own.