Training, Digitization, Storytelling… a maker project at the Ateneu Barcelonès

The Ateneu Barcelonès is launching what will be the first step towards the creation of a makerspace (AteneuLab). It’s a project called Socis grans, grans històries (grown-up members, big stories). I have worked in the project as a consultant, helping them figuring out the scope of the project and planning its phases.

The project

They wanted it to have an impact on the Ateneu main activities and focus on digital technology. It had to take into consideration the three following key concepts:

  1. Training
  2. Digitization
  3. Storytelling

From there, we set the following goals:

  1. Teach the Ateneu members both on the use of digital tools and storytelling techniques.
  2. Promote the sharing of information and expertise among the Ateneu members, and also their involvement in the organization.
  3. Preserve and share the historical memory of the Ateneu.
  4. Increase the number of available services for the members.
  5. Introduce the maker movement principles in the Ateneu.

All of this will have to be achieved completing the following key actions:

  1. Creation of the experience portal. It will host all the content they will create or digitize
  2. Digitization of pictures from the last 30 years of the XXth Century.
  3. Creation of a methodology that allows fulfill the two previous key actions.

To do so, the project foresee some learning and creation paths. All the details are in the pdf linked below (in Catalan):